Volunteers are the lifeblood of any Festival and Eaglewood is no exception. Volunteers are highly visible everywhere, providing great service and helping to build a remarkable festival and positive experience for all.
Read through the guidelines and view the crew areas to determine which crews you want to join!
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Student Volunteers

Earn your volunteer community hours at Eaglewood!! You will receive credit for hours worked, as well as free admission, meals and camping. You must be 15 years old, have your own transportation to and from the Festival and be pre-registered as a volunteer by August 20th. Last minute volunteers must fill out an application so we can match you to a duty. Younger volunteers age 12-14 are welcome, but they must work with a guardian as a “helper”.
Organizational Volunteers

We welcome community organizations and groups who wish to volunteer to work as a team and take care of one area of responsibility.  We would welcome groups to take care of high profile areas such as the Children’s Area and forming the Green Team, committing to cook a meal and clean up afterward, etc.
Weekend Volunteers

Volunteers are scheduled to work four to six hours each day for a total of twelve festival hours. You may work at different tasks or do all three shifts in the same area. You receive free festival admission, meals and camping, as well as gratitude for your great service in making it a memorable event for everyone.
Pre-and Post- Festival Volunteer
This volunteer works for approximately eighteen hours before and after festival hours. For example: site set-up and tear down or gate duty on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday mornings. In return, you receive free festival admission, meals and camping, and again, our great appreciation for your hard work in creating a great festival experience for all attendees. We want all pre- and post- event volunteers to be on site by Thursday or Friday morning and remain on site for Monday clean up. If you wish to make this commitment please speak with the Volunteer Coordinator to be scheduled where you are most needed.
Send us an email
- let us know your top 3 volunteer crew area choices
- your phone number and email contact info
We’ll get back to you soon!


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Wheelchair AccessibleEaglewood is fully wheelchair accessible, including washrooms/campgrounds.
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